CSCA48H: Introduction to Computer Science // Winter 2012


Instructor: Giovanna Thron
Email: giovanna [at]
Office: Instructional Centre 497
Office Hours: Mon 2:30pm-4pm, Thurs 12:30pm-2pm
Open door policy (at UTSC Mon, Wed, Thurs)
Lecture: L01: Mon 1pm-2pm (SW 319) & Thurs 10am-12pm (SW 309)
L02: Mon 12pm-1pm (HW 216) & Wed 12pm-2pm (SY 110)
Lab: 2 hours a week (check your schedule)

Welcome to the course webpage for the Winter 2012 term of CSCA48H, an Introduction to Computer Science. This course teaches the basics of computer science in Python, which is an industrial-strength programming language used at companies like Google and Industrial Light and Magic.

The course is delivered through 3 lecture hours a week plus at least eight 2-hour closed labs.

Outside of class and lab, you will also complete a set of 4 smallish exercises, 2 larger assignments, 2 midterm tests, and a final exam. The marking scheme and rough course schedule are available on the course information sheet.

There is no required text. All required readings will be posted on the Lectures page.

Quickstart guide

To get set up for the course, check out the CSCA48H Quickstart Guide.

Getting help

Have questions? Here's where to ask them.

Source Description
Office hours Office hours are where you can ask anything you like: get help related to lecture material, go over your assignment, ask for help with your marks. You don't need an appointment to attend these, you can just drop by.
Discussion board: Piazza Need clarification on a handout? Wondering about a lab? Have a Python style question? These are all excellent topics to post on the Piazza discussion board because they will probably be useful to other students.
Email Use email to ask your instructor a personal question. Use a descriptive subject line that includes "A48". Here is an example: "A48: issue with my partner on assignment 1".