CSC343H: PostgreSQL

Using Postgres on CDF

Here's how to use Postgres on CDF:

  1. Log on to cdf. If your are accessing cdf remotely and have never done this before, see below for instructions.
  2. Get a terminal window. If you are physically in a cdf lab or have used the nx client to access it remotely, click on the "konsole" icon at the bottom of your desktop. If have used ssh to access cdf remotely, you already have a terminal window.
  3. ssh in to dbsrv1, the database server machine:
  4. Run Postgres by using the command psql:
    psql csc343h-<userid>

Postgres documentation

You'll find documentation for postgres at the postgres home page, including information on how to download it for your own platform, should you choose (you are welcome to complete all coursework on CDF without installing software on your own machine). Since CDF is running postgres version 9.1, that's the version you should install.


Accessing cdf remotely

In order to access CDF remotely, you will need to install additional software, called NX client software, on your computer. The CDF website provides detailed instructions. To view these instructions, you will need to enter your CDF account name and password.

CDF provides a webpage where you can look up your CDF account name. Your password is initially your student number; you will be required to change it the first time you log in. If you ever forget your password, you can visit the CDF offices in BA room 3224 to have it reset.

Location of the CDF labs

The Computing Disciplines Facility (CDF) provides computing support for courses in Computer Science. Here is a list of rooms: BA2200, BA2210, BA2220, BA2240, BA2270, BA3175, BA3185, BA3195 and BA3200 (the Great Hall). There is also a lab in the Gerstein Science Information Centre (at the Sigmund Samuel Library, 7 Kings College Circle) in room 236 at the north end of the second floor. You are welcome to use any of the CDF labs for your course work, but note that the rooms listed in boldface are reserved at certain times of the week for lab periods for various courses. You have access to the Bahen Centre ("BA") and our CDF labs 24 hours a day.