Current DCS Courses

Note, the links listed here are pointers to the most current known instructor prepared page for a particular course. A listing here does not necessarily mean the course is taught this term; a previous term's page may still be listed if there is not a newer listing.

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For information about what courses are taught this term, consult the Arts and Science timetable.

First Year Courses

  • CSC 104h Computational Thinking
  • CSC 108h Introduction to Computer Programming
  • CSC 120h Computer Science for the Sciences
  • CSC 148h Introduction to Computer Science
  • CSC 165h Mathematical Expression and Reasoning for Computer Science
  • PMU 199Y (L0161) Can We Make a Robot See Like a Human

Second Year Courses

  • CSC 207h Software Design
  • CSC 209h Software Tools and Systems Programming
  • CSC 236h Introduction to the Theory of Computation
  • CSC 258h Computer Organization
  • CSC 263h Data Structures and Analysis
  • CSC 265h Enriched Data Structures and Analysis

Third Year Courses

  • CSC 300h Computers and Society
  • CSC 301h Introduction to Software Engineering
  • CSC 304h Algorithmic Game Theory and Mechanism Design
  • CSC 309h Programming on the Web
  • CSC 318h The Design of Interactive Computational Media
  • CSC 324h Principles of Programming Languages
  • CSC 336h Numerical Methods
  • CSC 343h Introduction to Databases
  • CSC 369h Operating Systems
  • CSC 373h Algorithm Design, Analysis & Complexity
  • CSC 384h Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Fourth Year Courses

Graduate Courses

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